About us

We are a full-service research and consulting company. 
Our team has about 15 years of experience in providing international and Bulgarian clients with high quality services. 

• Over 15 years of experience in the field of marketing and social research: we have the opportunity to work for most of Bulgaria's multinational companies – whether directly or as sub-contractors on many international research projects.
• Our expertise in research design and analysis, wherein we apply а flexible approach to our clients' needs: we can provide custom-designed as well as standard research projects.
• We maintain long-term relationships with our customers, which enables us to understand in depth the specifics of their business.
• A very well-trained and promising interviewer network covering 92 localities throughout the country. Our interviewers are experienced in conducting: 
Face-to-face (within or outside the home) and telephone interviews;
Business-to-business interviews;
Expert interviews.
• Our Focus Group moderators who have over 15 years of experience in qualitative research.
• Highest standards in data collection and control at all stages of the project.


• Experienced researchers, moderators, analysts, data processing specialists and consultants.
• Innovative system for digital monitoring of distribution and merchandising: web-based platform + mobile devices.
• Very well-trained and promising interviewer network of over 600 interviewers, covering 92 localities throughout the country.
• Specially equipped meeting room creating optimal conditions for conducting qualitative research: FG Facility one-way mirror, professional simultaneous translation, technical equipment for audio and video recording.
• In-home data processing (and entry if required).
• Own software for Media planning and monitoring.
• Online panel of nearly 4400 personally recruited respondents, which is under constant expansion.
• CATI call center with 20 workstations.