Distribution performance

Observation and analysis of distributors' performance. Analysis may be internal (documents that register product shift from producer to distributor are used) or external (marketing research is carried out).

This type of research provides information concerning:
• product distribution;
• efficiency of distribution channels;
• assessment of distributors' training activities;
• availability of advertisement materials and promotions at the place of purchase.

Our proposal
• a web-based integrated platform, specially developed for the purpose of the research project;
• preparation and management of the project by experienced researchers;
• mobile devices from the latest generation;
• team of more than 200 interviewers/auditors covering 92 localities in Bulgaria.

Advantages of the Market LINKS platform:
• Programming a questionnaire
A full-function module on how to programme a questionnaire (screenings, filters, randomization etc.)
All types of questions/indicators
• Data collection
Android/iOS user-friendly mobile app
Online and offline data collection
Multimedia, GPS and barcode scanner
• Data processing
We use the most widespread indicators
Customizable statistical analysis
• Reporting
Real-time reporting (immediately after data is stored)
Table reports and various graphical visualizations
Dashboards - customizable reports for mid- and high-level management