Group discussions

Qualitative marketing research, wherein an independent moderator interviews a small group of consumers from a particular target group.

Collecting in-depth qualitative information and formulating hypotheses, connected with:
• the consumer decision-making process;
• brand image and attitude towards a particular brand;
• perception, attitude, and habits related to a product or service;
• perception of packaging;
• perception of existing advertisements;
• perception of new concepts related to a product, package or advertisement.

• allows us to understand the reasons and motives behind customers' perception and choice of a product;
• generating creative ideas for the development of a new product, service, advertisement or advertisement concept;
• the client who ordered the survey has the opportunity to personally observe consumers' spontaneous reactions.

Limitations of the method
• results are not representative of the sample being examined and should therefore be treated as hypotheses to be verified through a quantitative survey.
• minimum number of group discussions: 2

Where are group discussions carried out?

Market LINKS has in its office an especially built hall consisting of two spaces, divided by a one-sided mirror that allows clients to directly observe group discussions without affecting participants' responses. Video and audio recordings of the discussions are made. The hall is equipped for simultaneous translation, which is done by specialised translators.