Healthcare research

After years of working in the healthcare sector and hundreds of projects, we invested in a specialized team for healthcare marketing research.

LINKS Health is dedicated to delivering the highest quality data collection and analysis. We focus on understanding the interactions between all stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry that can impact the success of a product or brand.

Customer experience can be influenced by different target groups; from key opinion leaders (KOLs), payers and reimbursement, and decision-making institutions, to physicians, pharmacists and patients. We provide more in-depth knowledge and results by working with those groups in the context of the specifics of the Bulgarian healthcare system at all levels.

We use both qualitative and quantitative approaches as a part of various research methodologies: IDI, FGD, f2f, CATI/TAPI, web interviews, diaries, all of which are successfully used to uncover customer behavior, the decision-making process, factors influencing consumer choice, barriers, the value for money ratio, perceptions, etc.;

Our experience also includes the following types of research projects:

• U&A including specific indicators as Clinical pathway, sources of information, experience with brands and products, reasons for switching providers, price sensitivity;

• Brand health studies;

• Cognitive debriefing, and many others.

Our high-quality procedures and experienced research experts allow us to develop a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and its market dynamics. Our consultations go beyond just statistical data and help our clients make effective business decisions.