In-depth interviews

Individual interviews with people from a particular target group, carried out either by specially trained interviewers, or by the researchers themselves.

Collecting in-depth qualitative information and formulating hypotheses, connected with:
• the consumer decision-making process;
• brand image and attitude towards a particular brand;
• perception, attitude, and habits related to a product or service;
• perception of packaging;
• perception of advertisements;
• perception of concepts related to a product, package or advertisement.

The method may be used when:
• each individual respondent's personal opinion is of significance;
• the research topic does not allow group discussions;
• the respondents belong to otherwise inaccessible target groups and cannot participate in group discussions because of their employment/workload - experts, managers, high-income professionals;
• examining little-known, niche products/services- interviews are carried out among experts.

Limitations of the method
• information is not of statistical significance if the number of interviews is less than 50;
• relatively costly method.