Online surveys

Content: what is online research?

These are different types of studies (marketing, social, etc.). which are carried out using the opportunities of the global network - Internet.

Typically, these studies are paid - i.e. the respondents receive some form of reward, depending on the time needed to complete the questionnaire.

Personal data provided by participants is in no way associated with the completed questionnaires, and is not available for use by third parties.


Application: when is it appropriate to use online research?

Appropriate for both quantitative and qualitative research projects

•  Product tests
•  Concept tests for products, ads, communication campaigns
•  Ads pre-tests
•  Media surveys
•  Political surveys
•  Internal organizational surveys (i.e. among the employees)
•  Tracking customer satisfaction
•  Assessing the quality of seminars and conferences
•  Many others

Advantages of online research

•  Significantly more cost-effective than traditional research methods
•  User-friendly
•  Provides high efficiency in B2B research
•  Varied opportunities for implementation: an easy way to evaluate multimedia
•  Organization and implementation do not require many human resources
•  Better control over incoming information, facilitated fraud detection and prevention

•  Stimulating rewards system for the participants
•  Small workload for respondents
•  The participants can answer at the most convenient time for them
•  The participants can receive help online if necessary
•  The client can observe the survey process in real time
•  The method helps to avoid human error
•   The time for data processing is significantly lower
•  Tables and graphs can be created immediately
•  "Fast” results
•  Online statistics
•  Export the data in .XLS, .SAV, etc.


Market LINKS Online panel

The Market LINKS Online panel consists of nearly 4 400 personally recruited panelists. This means there are no fake respondents or surveys distributed to unknown recipients. Each email in our database has its owner and we know their consumer, social, and demographic profile.

Our Online panel is representative of Internet users in Bulgaria aged 15 and above. Internet users are those who use Internet at least once a week.

We constantly invest in significantly increasing the volume of our panel. In this process we carry out the appropriate checks and apply best practices for quality.

Through our strategic partner, the German company Respondi AG, their leading know-how, and network of panelists, we can conduct online research in ten European countries.