Our team

Dobromir Zhivkov, Managing Director

Krasiyana Stoyanova, Financial Director
Stanislava Tchipova, Research Director

Tsvetelina Stoyanova PhD, Innovations Director


Professional researchers - sociologists, marketing professionals, economists, culturologists, anthropologists, statisticians: specialists in quantitative and qualitative research.
We have many years of experience: most of us have worked over 15 years in the field of marketing and social research.
Our moderators have over 15 years' experience in qualitative research.

• Full Time Staff: 20 people

• Part Time Staff: 15 people

Experienced and promising network of interviewers:
- Working in about 92 localities across the country
- Trained to conduct both standard and expert interviews

• Interviewers: more than 450 people

• Regional Supervisors 42 people

Interviewer network: