A particular activity of the participants in a target group is recorded on video or other prepared formats, without the observer interfering or in any way influencing their activity. Participants are told that they are being observed.

Clients' natural behaviour is observed:
• physical activity – purchasing habits, nutrition, etc.;
• duration of each activity;
• verbal and non-verbal communication – content of conversation in store, tone of voice, facial expression and others.

• exploration of new and unknown markets;
• registration of behavioural models that haven't been studied previously or have changed;
• formulation of ideas related to product placement or improvements in the service.

The method is suitable for:
• exploring activities in which the presence of a third person would change the reactions of the individual being studied;
• exploring activities that are accepted as fact, without searching for reasons and motives for them - for example, weekly shopping;
• exploring specific aspects of the use of a particular product or service.

Livestreaming of focus group discussions or in-depth interviews

• Market LINKS offers livestreaming of focus group discussions or in-depth interviews. Minimum speed is 512 kb/s.