Feasibility studies

Research projects in order to investigate the business environment. They are carried among companies; usually the questionnaire is filled in by a person that has a leading position in the company – upper or middle management, accounting, etc.


Market analysis , which includes:
• calculating market volume and market shares;
• consumer analysis and segmentation;
• determining target groups;
• customer adoption of the company, and its products and services;
• analysis of distributors.

Industrial analysis – concerns questions connected with:
• current state and future development of the industry;
• industry leaders;
• the company's positioning among rivals;
• the company's weak and strong sides;
• rivals' weak and strong sides;
• study of market supply and demand;
• analysis of distribution channels.

Industry intelligence
• gaining knowledge about rivals;
• studying rivals' weak and strong sides;
• studying the company's weak and strong sides;

Limitations of the method
Due to participants' workload:
• this type of research project requires more time;
• the possibility of participants refusing to participate is stronger.